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Whether it's a factory or a power plant, a steel structure or a utility network, a railway or a sewerage system, VEGYTERV engineers produce precise, high-quality designs for the long term.


From simple office buildings and steel structures to multi-building industrial complexes and infrastructure developments, VEGYTERV's engineers produce state-of-the-art designs in all fields.


Based on detailed plans, our specialists will build the high and low voltage power and control systems.

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Our experts provide complete design services from start to finish for industrial buildings, factory buildings, office buildings, pipe bridges, warehouses and factory halls, cooling towers and process steel structures, among others.


Technological engineering

Within the framework of mechanical engineering, we undertake, among other things, the preparation of study and concept designs, construction and implementation plans, with design cost estimates and the preparation of permit documentation.


Construction engineering

You can rely on us to design your entire building services system, including cooling, heating, water, gas and ventilation systems.

Electrical and control engineering

Our engineers can easily carry out the complete specification and design of any industrial process control system, and we can help you with implementation through our network of partners covering the entire market.


High current construction tasks

We routinely carry out the installation of indoor and outdoor uninterruptible power supply networks, switchboards, transformers, lighting systems.

Gyengeáram rendszerek kialakítása

Design of low-current systems

Our engineers carry out the installation of building automation, IT systems, fire alarm and camera systems.

Control technology

Our experts undertake the design of control instrumentation, DCS, PLC systems.


If you would like to benefit from the expertise of our professionals, just ask us for a quote by mail or call our colleagues on the contacts provided on the About Uspage.

Who we are?

For more than 70 years, VEGYTERV has been involved in the development of all areas of Hungarian industry.
The company has developed along with the country and the Hungarian chemical industry, and today more than a thousand plants have been set up in Hungary and abroad based on the designs created by its specialists.
Our guiding principles are to always work with our partners to the highest technological standards, using the most up-to-date equipment and the best professionals available on the market.
We employ engineers who not only have up-to-date and in-depth professional knowledge, but who also meet the highest human standards by working with precision and accuracy towards our partners and customers. Our projects integrate the activities of several disciplines and offer complex technological solutions.

VEGYTERV always strives to make decisions based on facts and data and to make the best use of available resources. Our design and construction projects are mainly in strategic markets in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but we are also open to all other industrial sectors.
If you would like to work with the VEGYTERV team, request a quote for design or construction work, simply write to us or call our colleagues on the contacts provided on the Contact page.



Every project starts by clarifying the exact needs and challenges, and determining what our engineers consider to be the optimal solution to address them.

All this is revealed during a consultation, where our experts clarify all the details with our clients, including the exact purpose of the project, the budget, the main parameters, floor plans, material and labour requirements, preliminary plans.

As part of the decision support, our experts can carry out a feasibility study, which technically analyses the future implementation, the steps to be taken, the environmental impact, the costs of the investment, the potential partners and suppliers.


After preliminary consultations, our experts will get to work to draw up the plans. They use not only up-to-date expertise, but also the most modern technological tools available.

Throughout the entire design process, we provide complex engineering support through integrated collaboration across multiple disciplines. If required, we also prepare the building permit design documentation, tender and construction plans.


Based on detailed plans, our specialists will build the high and low voltage power and control systems. For other construction tasks, we mobilise our extensive network of contacts: over several decades, VEGYTERV has built up a professional network in which we maintain close relations with a number of domestic and international product manufacturers and implementers.

Our plans achieved

VEGYTERV’s professionals have successfully completed hundreds of design and construction projects over the past decades. Today, more than 1000 plants have been established in Hungary and abroad based on our designs.
Our success is measured by the projects we deliver, the satisfaction of our partners and the results we can demonstrate. Here you can see some of our projects that we are particularly proud of.

BorsodChem Zrt.Kazincbarcika
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Vinyl Chloride Discharge Plant, PVC Plant Intensification, Formalin and Resin Plant, MDI Plant, TDI Plant, VMC Plants, New MDI Plant, HCL Conversion
Sanofi-Aventis Chinoin Zrt.Budapest
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Irbesartan plant, Hydrogenation plant, THAN and DEN production, EC Wastewater treatment, DROTAVERIN production, reconstruction, New Pilot Plant, Acilin production, Olmesartan production
Richter Gedeon Vegy. Gyár Nyrt.Budapest
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RG IV. development, external energy supply. systems, Bio II. plant, - RGK II. plant, Pipe bridge and transmission line reconstruction
TVK Nyrt.Tiszaújváros
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LDPE plant, - Olefins intensification, Polypropylene III. Plant, BOPP III. plant, New Olefin 2 plants
Alsózsolca SW.
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Electrical installation of new hall building
Auchan Ullo
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electrical works for a new hall of 22.000m2
Borsodchem Zrt.
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HPM plant heat and smoke removal complete electrical works 2020 / MNB plant power transmission and lighting works 2022
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KOMAX hall electrical construction
Chinoin Zrt.
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Extension of filter-dryer distribution cabinet, underground tanks instrumentation works / Irbesartan project complete electrical and instrumentation works 2020-2021 / 703 plant electrical works 2022
DDC Ltd.
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Maintenance of KÖF and KIF systems / electrical installation of main furnace drive / electrical installation of filter filtration system
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New FAG production hall KÖF and KIF system / New TyssenKrupp production hall electrical works
Edil-Fin Ltd.
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Replacement of 10/0,4kV transformers
EGIS Gyógyszergyár Nyrt.
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Carrying out instrumentation and pneumatic reconstruction works for certain buildings of the Chemistry-1 and Chemistry-4 plants
Installation of level controllers for chemical-1 tanks, level control of pumps with vibrating level switches
Construction works of the washing liquid pipeline of the Chemistry-2 plant
ISD Dunaferr Zrt.
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Refurbishment of anchor drives, installation, wiring and commissioning of equipment
TyssenKrup Jaszfenyszaru
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Electrical works in the production hall
Kispest Power Plant
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Replacement of control cabinet and marshalling cabinet 2022
Michelin Hungária Kft.
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TAC air barrier cut point detection deployment
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Polyol wastewater treatment plant electrical works 2021
Mondi Szada Ltd.
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KÖF and KIF systems maintenance
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Street Lighting Repair Works 2022 / HDPE PE-2 P-301 Trace Electrical Heater Repair 2022 / Explosion Proof Electrical Fittings Replacement
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Waste water treatment plant lightning protection system extension and repairs
MPK Olefin 1.
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replacement of control boxes 2022 / construction of control valve air intake pipe trail and installation of air intake 2022 / laying of intake cable 2022 / relocation of gas detection station 2022
MPK Olefin 2.
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Business area lighting maintenance works 2022
Nitrogénművek Zrt
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Repair of MCC isolating switches, installation of isolating transformers, installation of variable frequency drives, maintenance of distributors and feeders, maintenance of field cabinets
Sanofi Zrt. HPLC Lab expansionGE Hungary Kft.
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ceramic firing kiln gas burner control conversion, electrical connection of injection moulding machines, sintering furnace electrical feed design
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(Tiszapuspoki) Building 620 power / Building 700 lighting system