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3580 Tiszaújváros,
Vegyészek útja 7.


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From simple office buildings and steel structures to multi-building industrial complexes and infrastructure developments, VEGYTERV’s engineers produce state-of-the-art designs in all fields.

Choose the planning service you need!

Architectural planning

Our experts provide complete design services from start to finish for industrial buildings, factory buildings, office buildings, pipe bridges, warehouses and factory halls, cooling towers and process steel structures, among others.

Technological engineering

Within the framework of mechanical engineering, we undertake, among other things, the preparation of study and concept designs, construction and implementation plans, with design cost estimates and the preparation of permit documentation.

Civil engineering

You can rely on us to design your entire building services system, including cooling, heating, water, gas and ventilation systems.

Electrical and control engineering

Our engineers can easily carry out the complete specification and design of any industrial process control system, and we can help you with implementation through our network of partners covering the entire market.