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3580 Tiszaújváros,
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Construction / Vegyterv Electric

VEGYTERV’s expert colleagues not only carry out the design, but also the implementation tasks in certain sectors, or help you find a suitable partner.

Based on detailed plans, our specialists will build the high and low voltage power and control systems.

Choose the sector in which you need implementation work!

High current construction tasks

Installation of indoor and outdoor uninterruptible power supplies, switchboards, transformers, lighting systems.

Low-current systems design

Installation of building automation, IT systems, fire alarm and camera systems.

Control technology

Instrumentation and control engineering Implementation of planning tasks for DCS, PLC systems

For other creation and implementation tasks, we mobilise our extensive network of contacts:
with a number of national and international product manufacturers and implementers
Thanks to our contacts, you can rely on us for any task you need.
and find a professional partner to carry out the work according to your plans.

As in the case of design, once the work is completed
we also prepare implementation plans according to the customer’s requirements,
in which the changes from the original plans are transferred,
any deviations which may have become necessary during construction.